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Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition

The TCNJ Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition (AAAPIC, pronounced short as “Aypick”) is an employee network, resource, and awareness group. Employees who self-identify as being of East Asian, South Asian, South-East Asian, West Asian, Central Asian, and Pacific Islander heritage are welcome to join. Faculty and Staff whose research, teaching, and personal interests relate to Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander culture and history are welcome to join too!

AAAPIC aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. To form a safe environment for members of Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAAPI) heritage to share their thoughts and experiences;
  2. To provide resources and support for members of AAAPI heritage;
  3. To amplify voices of AAAPI employees and increase their presence and sense of belonging on campus;
  4. To raise awareness about AAAPI history and contributions;
  5. To showcase and celebrate AAAPI cultural diversity;
  6. To connect with and support students of AAAPI heritage.

AAAPIC collaborates with campus partners on initiatives related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Anti-Racism. AAAPIC recognizes the importance of allyship and welcomes all employees with varied cultural identities to join this group.

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Dr. Hyun-Binn Cho Dr. Yifeng Hu Dr. Satya Shikha Chakraborty
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